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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  July 16, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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inc. you so very much. >> thank you. >> harris: i love space. a great way to end today. thank you for watching. the "the daily briefing" starts. >> dana: fox news alert, president trump responding to the criticism over his controversial tweets about four congressman don my carcass women and shows no signs of backing down. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing" ." ♪ meanwhile, the house set to vote on a resolution condemning the president's tweets against the progressive lawmakers, as the drama plays out the president pressing ahead. >> it's up to them. go wherever they want, or they can stay. but they should love our country. they shouldn't hate our country. you look at what they've said -- i have clips right here. the most vile, horrible statements about our country. about israel. about others.
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>> dana: we have foxing coverage. bret baier standing by for analysis but we begin with the hill with the latest. mark? >> good afternoon, dated senator we are expected mitch mcconnell the next 2 minutes of questions about his reaction to this latest back and forth between the president and his democratic house members. we are expecting, as he mentioned, a houseboat later today on a resolution to condemn the president over these remarks that were made. all day long here on capitol hill we have seen lawmakers being asked if they knew the president tweets and remarks as racist. so the republicans on the hill called for the present trick tone his rhetoric. house minority leader kevin mccarthy says the members is criticize and do love country, but he believes that it's all about politics, not racism. >> i believe this is about ideology. this is about socialism versus freedom. it's very clear what the debate is happening. i understand, when i listen to their parents to press conference yesterday, they talked about more impeachment
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than anything else. >> republicans are being bombarded about their views print several saying they do believe the president may have gone too far, but that they also believe this resolution is all about politics, not benefiting the american people. bianca max pt speaking of politics, i'm curious. the calls for impeachment from the democrats, is that getting louder >> we are waiting how this resolution plays out. we will hear from another brand of health lawmakers about where they want to go from here after this resolution takes place. dana, that'll be happening in about an hour and half from now. we have heard quite a bit from democrats today. they have not been shying away from the cameras, trying to address this recent controversy. many are calling on republicans to join them in this resolution vote. here's what they had to say earlier today. >> i think a lot of americans believe that. certainly, congress believes that. >> donald trump is tearing us apart. democrats are fighting for the
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people. donald trump is fighting for the privileged few. >> as i mentioned, we are expecting to get a better idea of what this houseboat is going to look like sometime around 3:45 p.m. we know 180 members of congress have signed on to support this resolution so far, but the big question, as you can imagine, how many house republicans if any may decide to support this bill as it works its way out of the house? dana? >> dana: we will stand by. thank you, mark meredith, on capitol hill for us. meanwhile, number members leadership addressing the controversy. here's congresswoman liz cheney. >> our opposition to our colleagues whose beliefs have nothing to do with race or gender or religion. we oppose them and their policies because their policies are dangerous and wrong, and would destroy america. >> dana: let's bring in bret baier, anchor of "special report." there is so much to to get to.
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as we listen to liz cheney, the congresswoman from wyoming, we basically heard is a paraphrase of what deliverable what the ll "new york times," strode over the weekend. "just because people disagree with you, it's not based on, come its ideas." of a sort of uniting the speak? >> there are ways to look at us. one, the political calculation the president is making, that he's trying to get the democratic party to rally around these four congresswomen who have said -- >> dana: can i stop you there? with listen to mitch mcconnell together. >> its way over heated all across political spectrum. we've heard facilities on the u.s. border called concentration camps. we've seen the far left her accusations of racism at everyone. anyone who disagree with them,
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on anything, including the speaker of the house. we've seen a freshman democratic congresswoman use anti-semitic tropes and imply people only support israel because of campaign contributions. the most vile accusations and insults against our nation have become incredibly routine. we've seen back-and-forth over the past few days. most of you know, justice scalia was sort of my all-time favorite. here's what he used to say. he said, "i don't attack people, dietetic ideas." i think that's a good lesson for all of us. from the president to the speaker to freshman numbers of the house, all of us have a responsibility to elevate the public discourse. our words do matter. we all know politics is a contact sport. but it's about time we lowered
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the temperature all across the board. all of us ought to contribute to a better level of discourse. >> on a more upbeat note, there is good news in the economy again. we are going to be dealing with some issues on the floor this week that relate directly to the economy. we are going to be processing four tax treaties. >> dana: we will continue to watch this because it's possible that senator mcconnell will take some questions. they're going to go through some of the other things they want to check off the list, the compliments they have. while i have you, mitch mcconnell had not spoken until just now. he talked about overheated rhetoric, that the accusations of racism and violent insults against the nation are incredibly routine. he quoted the former, late justice scalia, saying, "i don't attack people, i attack good ideas." he said it's a good idea for all of us and that we have a responsibility to elevate the
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rhetoric. he said, the president, the speaker, all of us, members of congress. maybe ought to turn down the heat on this burner. >> i think that's what you heard from liz cheney, as well. talking about ideology and fighting ideas. what i was saying was that the president, from the political point of view, really wants to have these four congresswomen be the face of the democratic party. and he wants to see the democrats rally around them and lift them up. it doesn't sell well in a large part of the country. the way he did that over the weekend, with the tweets, obviously scent up alarm bells. not only for democrats but for some republicans. you are seeing mitch mcconnell try and deal with that in his way, and i bet he will get peppered with questions about the president. his action since. >> dana: we will see if he takes them or walks away. it'll be interesting because on the political side of things, i want to ask you this -- i saw
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representative kirkpatrick, not vocal about this, saying she's come to the conclusion -- he is democrat -- she has concluded that they should impeach the president. that they should start those proceedings. so i wonder if speaker pelosi is starting to lose control of the process. she's been able to corral people up until now. is this the beginning of unraveling? >> i think there is a significant push, you heard the four congresswomen last night talk about it. and say that it's time to impeach the president. not based on the findings of the mueller report, but based on his character. they say it high crimes and misdemeanors but they don't outline what they are. i think there is a push from representative al green and others to get that started right away. nancy pelosi, after doing what she dealt with this group of congresswomen, kind of putting them in a box, now they are all together and defending those
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four congresswomen. and i wonder if it will bleed over to impeachment. >> dana: i do, too. i also wonder, how do you think the vote will go this afternoon? the republicans are going to recommend a no vote on this resolution. how do you think that will go down? i'm assuming the republicans will stick together on this. furthering the point that the minority leader, kevin mccarthy, that is about politics and not racism. >> all of these things. when these resolutions come up, it's just a political maneuver. so the opponents can say on this vote, so-and-so stood up with what they will call "racist tweets." it's a campaign commercial in the making. the same thing happened, actually, with the resolution to condemn the words of ilhan omar. that got watered down. >> dana: we have not. actually pulled that backup because this is the actual language. remember, ilhan omar was the
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congresswomen that mitch mcconnell just referred to in talking about some of the anti-semitic remarks she had made. there was this move that possibly there would be resolution against those remarks. instead, the politics got ahead of it and nancy pelosi decided to put this on the floor instead. it just says, "condemning anti-semitism as hateful expression of intolerance that are contradictory to the values and aspirations that defined the people of the united states," and it goes on and on like that. basically it says, "let's all be nice to each other." it wasn't a rebuke of those comments specifically. >> right. a lot of people, including some democrats, said it should've been more specific to those comments. now they will be specific reference under the president of the united states, and we will see how this resolution goes down. but it probably goes down along party lines. >> dana: amy walter of the cook political report tweeted this earlier today. "this fight with the squad is exactly where trump wants 2020. the more media and dems engage in, the better for him.
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all this does is re-polarized the partisans and leave the up-4-grabs voters who want to hear about bread-and-butter issues tuned out." i guess that's probably right. >> i do, too. there's all this political calculation. independents get very upset with how the president talks about things. i don't know how that's going to fall out. but i do think the reason those democratic congresswomen last night started with, "this is all a distraction, we want to do x, y, ansi," was because there's a fear of the democratic side that this is what they will be drawn into. but yet they held a press conference anyway. so they added to what they call it a distraction that has now sucked up to full days of washington oxygen. >> i caught a gift exchange. president trump giving them a gift on sunday, and the democratic squad giving him a gift on monday night. i would say that everyone. go wide >> this is where all of these
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go. it's sort of a circle. the president's tweets or statements, they cause an uproar. then the reaction to that goes over the top in some way, shape, or form. then it comes back around and it seems, in the end, that most times the president -- at least with his base and maybe even some independents -- gains ground. i don't know if this time it's different, but that's how all of this seems to have gone. >> dana: we are waiting for mitch mcconnell to possibly take some questions. i might add to this panel, can i ask this idea of resolution and were republicans or democrats might try and do? resolutions are just political, right? >> they are, but their statement of the majority. the democrats refused to condemn
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the very specific anti-semitic comments of representative omar, and yet they seem to be on the verge of condemning the president's comments. it's a sign of how broken we are that we can't be consistent. if you don't like with the president is saying, you can't like what representative omar said. with "show me the benjamin's." that anybody was for israel had been bought off. we ought to be consistent through the house to be better off allowing the expressions against the president's comments be made by the leadership and not to go through the charade of having a resolution on the house, particularly after they watered down -- >> dana: let me stop you there. mitch mcconnell will take a couple of questions. let's listen together. >> when the president uses such language, that is so far over the line, regardless of what their points of view are or policies, doesn't that undercut your argument that these issues are a problem? of these policies -- does this
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undercut your arguments? >> obviously i think it's a good idea to focus on what our democratic colleagues are up to. the green new deal, the version of it, to take away jobs. medicare for all would take away your private health insurance. if they made an effort to pay for all of this, they would have to go after the most productive parts of our economy. remember, the top 10% of taxpayers provide 70% of the revenue for the federal government. i think this is a prescription for slowing america to a crawl. i think it's also important to remember that most countries that ended up adopting socialism did it by voting for it. as margaret thatcher once said, "the problem with socialism is you run out of other people's money." we are better off to talk about the policies of our adversaries. as i said earlier -- and i think quite clearly -- lower all this incendiary rhetoric, everyone
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involved should do that. >> reporter: if somebody were to say to her she should go back to her country because of the federal policy, would you consider that racist? >> well, the secretary of transportation came here at age 8 legally, not speaking a word of english, and has realized the american dream. this is a process of renewal that has gone on in this country for a very long time and we should continue it. reported mike was at recess for him to say to go back? >> as i said, illegal immigration has been fulfilling of the american dream. the new people who come here have a lot of ambition, a lot of energy. they tend to do very well and invigorate our country. my wife is a good example of that. >> reporter: would you ever
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use the words, "go back to where you came from?" >> [laughs] look, i'm obviously a big fan of legal immigration. it's been a big part of my family for a quarter of a century. as i look around the country and watch the contributions that have been made by new arrivals and the children of new arrivals, it's been reinvigorating america for hundreds of years. so i'm a big fan of legal immigration. >> reporter: do you think the president would be more likely to tone down his rhetoric if republican leaders like yourself spoke out more forcefully against it? >> i think i just said that everybody ought to tone down their rhetoric. we have examples of that across the ideological spectrum in the country. all across it. everyone. everyone ought to tone down their rhetoric, and we ought to move back to talking about the issues. >> reporter: but you stop short of calling the comments
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racist. >> i'm sorry? report night but you stop short of calling the comments racist. >> well, the president is not a racist. and i think the tone of all of this is not good for the country. but it's coming from all different ideological points of view. that's the point. to single out any segment of this i think is a mistake. this rhetoric from a lot of different sources, all across the ideological spectrum in our country. >> reporter: >> dana: with thatl end the question taking. can i go to you for initial reaction to the questions that he just answered? basically saying that the president is not a racist, but turning down the rhetoric across the entire spectrum would be helpful for the country? >> very artful and very artfully done. but yes, that was his point. let's all over the rhetoric. and he had earlier made references to the president's
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remarks, and he didn't want to go back and repeat them. i think it's also right. i watch that news conference of the squad the other night, and the representative pressley call the president is enough of, a bigot, and reese's let's not take the bait and engage in that sin don't ask them kind of language, having just done so. she then proceeded to talk about the incursion problem at the and suggest the president was inhumanely treating children deliberately in order to cause a childhood trauma among them. after saying, "let's all stop this." after doing it, she then did it again. so i think the leader is right. let's stop. it's not worthy of our country. >> dana: not only that, when did the press conference at 5:00 right for your show on special report, representative presley would only refer to the president as "the occupant" of the oval office. >> that's right. as i said before, it was part of
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the distraction. they said they didn't want to be a distraction, the additive another day day of this coverage. clearly the senate majority leader did not answer the specific question about the specific tweets and whether he would call them racist. he said, generically, "the president is not racist." then he artfully kind of put in that the secretary of transportation, or history, as opposed to answering the specific questions. listen, i think republicans are trying to get back to fighting the ideology and the ideas. you've heard that from liz cheney and the senate majority leader and others. we will see how long this lasts, because the president probably is going to weigh in again. >> dana: let me ask about the politics of this evening's boat. four republicans -- the office is going to recommend a no vote. but if you are a republican who is like, "gosh, i don't really like those comments," and you are concerned. you are principally are against it or you are worried that a no
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vote where have you politically, any advice for those republicans on how you think we should vote tonight? >> do what you want to do. as a matter of principle. go home and explain it, regardless of what you do. i would hope that would have a vote for it or against it, that they and their democrats colleagues during the course that we need to be better as country and they need to be better as leaders, elected leaders of our country. and we need to get beyond this. >> dana: bret, let me ask you another thing. everything mitch mcconnell was trying to do, if i'm reading some tea leaves, they have a lot to do before the end of this congressional recess. before recess starts next friday. including possibly a debt ceiling increase. is it hard to get things done if you are arguing over tweets and racism" when you're not able to focus on things? do you think mitch mcconnell and liz cheney are working together to get things back on track that way? >> i don't know.
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i think it's an uphill battle. you've got the debt ceiling increase, the spending caps negotiation that is a partly not going anywhere. there's nothing talk about as of yet. these are big items that affect the funding of the government. no one, in either party, once a government shutdown. even for the political benefit that the other party may think that they get out of it. we saw the effects of the last government shutdown that did not play so well. we are really hot in negotiations at the moment that all of this taking a lot of oxygen. one more thing, house speaker said that the policies and the width of the president s is like "make america white again." the president reference that, saying that that was racist. you have all sides of pennsylvania avenue going after each other on a pretty hot rhetorical basis. >> dana: and it is hot in the summertime. bret baier, thank you. karl rove, stick around. we have lots more politics to talk about after this quick break.
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11:26 am
he's on recess, everyone cool it. schumer is speaking now. we will go to that when he takes question. this is not a good position for schumer to be in, they are talkg about the environment and they t anything else. but very much the democrats are the squad. >> and they will continue to be forced to talk about it. the squad has enormous visibility, particularly aoc, and they are rapidly becoming the face of the democratic party to the exclusion of other views. take schumer today, he started off talking about climate. do we really think that's the number one issue that chuck schumer has been worried about for years? no. aoc, who comes from his hometown, has sort of force the democrats into having to talk about the green new deal and the elements of the green new deal are anathema to people who live west of the hudson and east of palo alto, california. >> dana: meanwhile, the campaign continues. a lot of those are not getting any airtime either because of
11:27 am
the squad. let me show you this poll from new hampshire. they are saying that kamala harris is in second place. biden is still delete pages at 21%. warren, 17%. i hope this is interesting. mayor pete hanging out at 12% and bernie sanders down at 10%. this is a different story in the cnn poll that has bernie sanders tied with elizabeth warren in second place. what you think is happening now? do you think that less than six months ago before the voting, this is when these polls start to matter? >> they don't matter just yet. we are about seven months, almost eight months away from voting in iowa and new hampshire shortly thereafter. let's take a look and assume that these numbers are an accurate reflection of opinion. remember, the democratic side is proportional. you get 15% of the vote, you get delegates. if the saint anselm's poll is correct, and biden is at 21%, then he would win nine delegates.
11:28 am
harris would win eight, and warren would win seven. if the cnn poll is correct, biden would win nine, sanders would win seven. then depending on exactly what the exact percentage was for moran and sanders. at the end of the day, all of this screaming and shouting about a difference between 9, 8, and 7%, if they continue to split up these votes on a proportional basis, it points to nobody being potential in the lead with a majority by the time they meet in july. >> dana: can ask you about beto o'rourke from your own state of texas? is at 0% in the saint anselm's pole. 2% in the cnn poll. on fund-raising, his first-quarter rays $99.4 million and a dramatic drop off at $3.1 million in court or two. what's the state of his campaig campaign? >> i'm not really familiar with him. i am familiar with robert francis o'rourke of texas. he has been the big bust. the question is, will he stay in this race? if he doesn't stay in the race
11:29 am
and returns home to run for texas, is there any way to reignite enthusiasm he had against senator cruz? my senses he stays in the race, but if he doesn't come he may not be able to reassert that enthusiasm he had last year. he has turned out to be a bad candidate, and all it took was being in a serious competition with his competitors to find that out. >> dana: it's amazing, he raised, what, $80 million in that race against ted cruz? and heavy struggling against the others. karl rove, we always appreciate you being here. i think you're in d.c. today, right? you go i'm in d.c. the place is empty. i've got it all to myself. where is everybody? spew what looks like it's plenty hot on the particle scene. [laughs] >> i saw chris stirewalt, he's wearing his senator foghorn jack it's me. i hope you have him on. >> dana: [laughs] he really hates the heat. he does. thank you, karl rove. there is some big money political donors who oppose the president in 2016 but now they are all in on his reelection. we will tell you about that.
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11:35 am
contact sport, but it's about time we lowered the temperature all across the board. all of us ought to contribute to a better level of discourse. >> dana: alex, i will go to first. that's the first referred from senator mcconnell on this. your thoughts? >> number one, senator mcconnell is a lover of the institution. i think he expressed that. i think he's right, we do need to lower the rhetorical town. i don't think these kinds of resolutions, like the ones that houses debating now, are terribly productive. frankly, all they really do is keep the conversation going around what all kinds of people said. whether it's about what the presence of the other day or anti-semitism. again, none of it moves the ball forward for either side. if both sides view it that we need to lock down our bases and scream how much we hate the other person, that's fine. that's not going to be terribly
11:36 am
productive for speaker pelosi. although it may, i think in her mind, provide a brief truce from her own side. i don't think it's terribly effective. >> dana: joanna, what do you think of this? there's the politics of this, the language in the text of the resolution against president trump is very aggressive. if you think back to the anti-semitic resolution that was supposed to be at congresswoman omar's comments from a few months ago, they actually wanted that donna tried to protect her on that >> i can from it as perspective, that i was raised by kansas republicans and i went to work for a person who is and very much trying to people together. i thought resistance in washington. unfamiliar with how difficult it is to get things done when you're enemies -- when the other side is making you out is the enemy. i think it's dangerous. so i push it was
11:37 am
senator mcconnell says, that we need to tone down the rhetoric. but i also think that you and i, do not, who worked for presidency realized the gravity of their words. when they got into the white house, that they represent all people. the president's language that he uses is important. so i'm glad to see some of the republicans coming out and calling out the president for what is a nativist, what is racist, and what is, unfortunate for our country, both on immigration. >> dana: senator mcconnell specifically said, alex, the president trump is not racist. you had a few republicans. they said that it's a bridge too far, to not say the same things. how important is that before we switch topics immigration, how important is it that they get this done so they can try to finish some of this important legislative work they have before they have their self-imposed deadline of next friday before the recess? >> it is important to get that done. frankly, it's far more important
11:38 am
than what any politician is treating or saying. that's the real business. i would argue that all members of congress, as well as the president, need to watch the way they speak. and try and drive that level of public debate and discourse towards the policy and of the spectrum. >> dana: a lot of this has been centered around the issue of immigration. we've been fighting about this in our country for a long time. johanna, the obama administration tribe, the butchered administration, clinton , and it goes back and back. the scott my eye because mother jones, quite a left-wing type publication, this reporting, kevin drum wrote this. "our democrat party is now the party of open borders. i have produce to my previous accuser of accusing liberals of wanting open borders. president trump treats about this endlessly. but it's hard to see much daylight between warren's plan into effect open borders." and have a list of some of the things that she would provide.
11:39 am
he's basically saying, is there anybody who would not get in trouble for crossing illegally? what do you think about? >> i would say that the democrats are absolutely not the party of open borders. i think other times what happened is people try to scare the other side into believing that change is going to result in negative -- >> but this is coming from mother jones. >> the reporter was also pro the iraq war before he was against it. yes, it's coming from mother jones, yes, it's questioning what the policies are out of the democrats, but here's what i would say. democrats are proposing policies while trump is talking about a wall that i remember steve king was walking around in iowa as a congressman with a little mini built wall. and it's not like it's a policy prescription that was out there,
11:40 am
saying, "this will help illuminate the border crossings." >> dana: he's actually also talkticular, he's asking congress to change the asylum laws to try and prevent people from coming here so that they don't have the hardship of coming across. another trying to do that through executive action. i will give you the last word on how that might go. if the congress is going to do it, the president is going to try. just like president obama tried. >> he is, and i think the voters will reward that action. on that point of open borders, this is what happens when you have one party taking a position that is really driven by anything that the other side wants that they are against. frankly, that is particularly damaging whereas here you have mr. biden is a front runner whose administration deported more people than has ever been done. and it's force the democrats, especially because of the primary, into a position -- i don't often agree with mother
11:41 am
jones, this may be a first. i will make some news. but i think it does reflect it. it's bad politics. >> dana: it's why it caught my eye indeed. we will have time to debate this is a goes forward. thanks for coming. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: i've got the campaign trail mix right now pre2020 democrats descending on iowa a campaign shake up there for one of them. g.o.p. mega-donors with a change of heart. peter doocy live on all of this from iowa. peter? >> dana, joe biden is here trying to win over voters and caucus-goers in rural parts of the state by trying to reassure them that he is still in touch with his roots as a kid from manufacturing town in a swing state. >> i am relatively popular in pennsylvania. he has to win pennsylvania. he went up and said, "you know
11:42 am
what? joe biden left you. he left scranton." it's true, i was in third grade. i left them. [laughter] i don't know why i did that. >> also in iowa, cory booker took the stage of the aarp form into mine yesterday. behind the scenes he's getting ready to try and do something different. his senior advisor is according to a report by the sourcing press, he said it's eighth place in the real clear politics average of i will polls previous trying to read the ship in time to secure a spot in the september debate. we don't know how crowded it will be, everybody there will be splitting of democratic donations. as politico reports that president trump all by himself on the right is cashing six-figure checks from famous republican donors, including his small business administrator, former small business administrator, linda mcmahon. and nebraska's marlene ricketts.
11:43 am
there are some boldfaced names from hollywood, but there mainly donated to the other side. especially elizabeth warren. politico pulled out the names that made maxed out individual donations. they include comedian amy schumer, actors scarlett johansson ryan reynolds. but so far when it comes to campaign cash everybody on the left is way behind president trump. >> dana: so far behind they can't even see them. peter doocy, thank you. a medical mystery causes one hospital to issue a very serious health warning. ♪ in an emergency, who do you want by your side? a new proposal in congress wants to put the insurance companies and the government in charge of your healthcare by price fixing. letting the government set prices means fewer doctors and a race to the bottom when it comes to quality care... insurance companies and the federal government getting in between you and your doctor. call congress. make sure doctors and patients are making the most important medical decisions
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>> dana: a nurse in seattle has become the latest person diagnosed amid a surge of measles cases in this country.
11:48 am
health officials now issuing a warning saying she may have exposed patients while on the job. last wednesday, thursday, and friday, officials think the women had been working with a patient had tested positive for measles but that the woman had been vaccinated and was wearing protective gear. dr. nicole saphier is a fox news medical attribute or. is this a big mystery how this would happen? >> it just proves that we live in an imperfect world. this woman did everything right. shuffle vaccinations, she was wearing all of the personal protective equipment when she was caring for this patient. the truth is vaccines aren't perfect. doesn't have a hundred percent efficacy. has 97%, which is pretty good. she's one of the three of the hundreds i got vaccinated who contracted the illness. here's the thing about those that get sick even though they've had the vaccine -- the virus tends to be more mild. less severe. also, less contagious. so although she did contracted and she was contagious it's probably more mild form then you'd seen somebody not vaccinated. >> dana: i think you have a
11:49 am
full screen here of the early signs that you might have it. it's a high fever, cough, runny nose, red, watery eyes. that sounds like a cold, right? >> it sounds like any virus, that's the problem paid you think you have a culture a while and you're out seeing other people , you're possibly infected other people. you can get spots, the rash cometh high fever. >> dana: so if you see any of that, get checked. >> absolutely. the only thing is to be aware if you had exposure to measles. this nurse, yes, she may have come intact doll not contact with other people at work but also outside of work. did you go to the gym, did you go to the grocery store? getting vaccination rates under control be the first step in reining in measles. spew on the measles cases by year, there's huge spike in 2019. 11 age 23. look at that, the spike of how many you see. we were talking on the commercial break, there's a bit of a silver lining here. good news. all of this discussion about measles and vaccinations, you
11:50 am
said that we see some positive results? >> currently in the northwest with this nurse was infected, they have the highest on vaccinated rates. however, in 2019 we've seen an uptick in vaccination rates. because it's been on the tv on the radio, everyone is hearing about measles a little bit of a scare tactic. we are seeing the vaccination rates improve, however, they are still lower than we would like to see them. >> dana: what's the way to get them up? as it talking to doctors? is a government, word-of-mouth? facebook? was the best way to convince someone to vaccinate their children? >> government is definitely on social media these days, but it's everything. i think it starts with the pediatrician. listen to your pediatrician. but we also have to -- with the schools, we have about 17 states who are no longer requiring children to be vaccinated. when you have a lot of kids -- >> dana: why would they make that decision? >> is a grassroots movement saying, "you can't tell me what to do with my children." they don't even need a doctor's
11:51 am
note anymore. they just need to say it's against the personal for philoy to not vaccinate. if you don't want to do that to their children, that's fine. paper you're putting up a children at risk and of the people at risk. if you're exposing the public its public health concern. >> dana: dr. nicole saphier, we love having here. always welcome. we are glad you are on. no breaking news. next, an alligator on the loose for a week in a chicago lagoon, it's been caught. "chance the snapper," as he was affectionately nicknamed, it's about 5 feet long and weighs 30 to 40 pounds. authorities showing them off at a news conference today and even dressing him in a red bow tie for his close up. as to what happens to chance now, he's on his way to either easy or a sanctuary. the lucky alligator. apollo 11 lifting off into space in the history books, 50 years ago today. quite an anniversary. kristin fisher has a long line of astronaut lineage, she's at the air and space museum in
11:52 am
washington, d.c. kristin? >> this museum is packed for the 50th anniversary of apollo 11. just this morning, the smithsonian unveiled neil armstrong's space suits he was wearing when he took the first steps on the moon. i will take you inside the exhibit, coming up. ♪ we're carvana, the company who invented
11:53 am
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>> dana: i fox news alert. moments ago, the singer denied bail during a hearing. a judge adding the charges are extraordinarily serious and prosecutors say they have the videos to choose it. prove >> that is one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind
11:57 am
the unforgettable words of nero armstrong becoming the first person to ever walk on the moon. the smithsonian is putting his space suit on display as our nation celebrates the 50th anniversary of the historic mission. kristin fisher is live. no stranger to all things space as your mom was the first mom and space and your dad an astronaut as well. >> that is right. just behind me over here. this is an exact replica of the eagle lander that launched into space 50 years ago today. and never actually flew in space, but that other artifact you are mentioning, it certainly has. neil armstrong's space suit was unveiled this morning. the vice president was there. this is what he was wearing when he took that next big leap for mankind. it was taken off of display 13 years ago and really brought back to life after a kickstarter
11:58 am
campaign that raised half a million dollars in just five days. >> the data this nation owes for astronauts including the man who wore the suit that we unveiled today, we can never really repay. today is an installment. the people have expressed their gratitude and by preserving the symbol of courage. >> another tribute to apollo 11 is taking place outside this museum starting tonight, the washington monument will be led up to look like a rocket that launched neil armstrong, into orbit and this weekend that launch is going to come to life with big speakers and projection screens. another thing taken place this weekend. we will host a special edition of the american news headquarters from 12 to two on the very day 50 years ago that neil armstrong took those first steps on the moon. the space center is where nasa
11:59 am
is currently building the capsule which nasa hopes will return american astronauts to the moon in just five years. that is a rapidly accelerated timeline that is being pushed by president trump and the vice president. the nasa administrator is confident they can pull it off, but firstly trump administration will have to convince congress to spend $20 billion over the next five years to politico off. it will take bipartisan approval and you know how hard that is to come by. >> dana: on something like this it might be able to get done. thank you for sharing that with us. the bankruptcy of a coal company in kentucky leaving its workers and financial turmoil after their paychecks were back. some couldn't pay their bills. the father who is the grandson of a pennsylvania coal miner. >> immediately i just put out on
12:00 pm
twitter and facebook saying i will take care of whatever type of utility bill i can. >> dana: the priest picked up the tab for 200 miners, more than $20,000. here is shepard. >> shepard: breaking news, nancy pelosi on the house floor talking about the presidents raids on mega migration families and further on his tweets regarding the four democratic congresswoman. let's listen. >> the gospel of the good samaritan to show mercy and love thy neighbor as thyself. that very same day unfortunately there were those who were not informed by the gospel. so, here we are later in that day. it was stunning to hear the words that were used, go home to some of


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